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Roger K. Olsson

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Herbalife Distributor Roger K. Olsson

Who is Roger K Olsson?

Roger has become well-known for his participation in the Olympic biathlon and he has also excelled in this sport at school level. Roger attended the Uppsala university in Sweden where he studied regional development and social education. This was followed further education at Yale University where he learned about finance and economics. This was followed by a spell at the Institute of technology resulting in a certification as an industry environment coordinator. Roger Olson also has extensive experience as a lecturer and as a funding informant and in this regard the provided advice and assistance to small companies. In particular those companies in Sweden who desired to be seamlessly integrated into the EU system.

30 years with Herbalife

Roger K. Olson has been involved with Herbalife since 1991 and over those years he has established an extensive network of independent distributors. Nevertheless, today Roger is mostly involved as a team leader and as a supervisor. The extensive benefits of Herbalife are by now well known all across the planet. Anyone desiring to purchase Herbalife products simply have to get into contact with any Herbalife distributor because the Herbalife company is a multilevel marketing business. For this reason, any of these highly effective products can only be obtained through an independent distributor working for Herbalife. All of the relevant information is available on the Herbalife website and there will also be contact information for distributors in your area. Nevertheless, you can also contact a certified retailer directly if you have the contact information for that individual.

Strong personal motivation

There are compelling reasons for exactly why Roger has made the decision to become involved in a lifestyle business. This is simply because Roger has always been the kind of person who choose to assist other people in any way possible whether that be sport related or society related or in relation to a health issue. Herbalife provided a system whereby it was made significantly easier to become involved in welfare. Roger has also gained a reputation as a role model for many people in different spheres of life. Because of his passion and business acumen many others have been motivated and encouraged to also achieve success in their businesses. Roger is always available for private consultation and for providing people with advice and also with professional consulting.

The sophisticated weight loss program

When starting with Herbalife it is very important to pick the sports nutrition or weight loss program which will be best for your individual needs. This is exactly why Herbalife provides individuals with three different versions of their sports nutrition and weight loss program. There is what is known as the Quickstart program which provide people with meal replacement shakes. There is also a powdered tea drink as well as a multivitamin and mineral. Lastly there is a metabolism supplement and this ensures that individuals have everything they need to succeed with any weight loss program they may choose to follow. There is also the advanced program which includes everything which is available in the Quickstart program but there are also two additional supplements one which is responsible for reduced fluid retention and one which will ensure increased energy. For the serious weight loss enthusiasts there is the ultimate program which already includes all of these things available on the first two programs but once again there is something extra to help with digestion and also for more efficient blood sugar management.

The important thing is to start

During the plague of the frogs when the land of Egypt was covered with these creatures, Moses asked Pharaoh, when must I ask that this plague be removed. And he said do it tomorrow. What an incredibly stupid thing to do, why not right now. But it just proves a point that people often procrastinate and important decisions is delayed resulting in unnecessary problems because our desires will take longer to become reality. It is so easy to follow the Herbalife program. It simply requires that at least two meals each day has to be replaced with Herbalife shakes and furthermore an individual also have to use the supplements which has been provided with the program which they have purchased. Interestingly there is absolutely no dietary restrictions when a person chooses to follow the Herbalife diet. Nevertheless, people are always encouraged to drink as much water as possible and when necessary to frequently eat smaller meals and snacks. These things should include lots of vegetables and fruit. Many people ask, how long they will need to stay on the Herbalife diet but there are no official recommendations as far as this is concerned and therefore most people simply stay on the program until their weight loss goals have been achieved.

How successful is Herbalife?

Herbalife has been specifically designed to assist people who desire to lose weight simply by substantially reducing their calorie intake by providing them with meal replacement shakes and with supplements which can boost the metabolism. Even though no scientific studies have been done regarding the Herbalife weight loss program there are nevertheless many people who claim that the replacement shakes can help to shed some of that extra weight. Everything has been done to make it very easy for people because in order to start with Herbalife you simply have to contact one of the distributors and then simply select the best Herbalife program for your individual needs and then immediately start to use the supplements and also the replacement shakes.

What is in the shakes?

Apparently, each serving of Herbalife shakes which is approximately 25 g will contain the following, 90 Calories, 1 g of fat, 13 g of carbs, 3 g of fiber, 9 g of sugar as well as 9 g of protein. This is why when a person takes a small glass containing approximately 240 mL of milk this will result in 170 calories per serving which is widely accepted to be a low-calorie meal replacement alternative. People who have been using these replacement shakes for a period of one year continued to steadily lose weight over that entire period.

Today Roger lives in Hamburg, Germany with family, were from he operates his administration and distribution office situated in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. For Roger being able to manage welfare through a MLM concept like Herbalife business concept is one among the best thing that has happened to his business life. Roger's passion for his business is something that has influenced many to achieve a change in their lives and achieve unimaginable wealth around the world.

Contact Independent Herbalife Distributor Roger K Olsson for your premium consulting about to start up your own business in the wellness sector.