Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Today 2020-12-19 I ask myself "What have I done today?" - I started this blog and added these three videos with some awesome lyrics from three famous artists Daniel Powter-Bad Day (lyrics), Green Day - Time of your life with lyrics, and How To Save A Life - The Fray (Lyrics), enjoy them you too, if you have time to stop by, I mean..! We'll I hope so! However, I am Roger K. Olsson, the team leader for my fantastic fellow friends and business partners, and independent Herbalife distributors accross the planet. Here I will build up my gorgeous blog about some key steps of the state of the development of this amazing opportunity and blessing that we have got, - Yes, say amen to that! Anyway, There can happen to be that I sometimes drop some key figures for the business operations here too, so be alert on that too. I do wanna say to you guys that I manage some rich features of this phenomena called internet here and I want to offer you the opportunity to get featured with your goals and state of the development too, if you like so, you might drop me a message about it in my mailbox whenever you feel ready for a great wave of success to surf on for some time to come.

My highest wish today is of course to get as many in my network to interact here with me with some innovative and goal oriented interesting write. I have a plan, alright!, but I have not yet find out all for sure! Moreover, It is Saturday today and the stock market is closed, I wake up this morning to a bunch of messages and I instantly attacked the most of them and find early into my Saturday harmony, and peace in mind after been with a small amount of money to the church, for those people really do some awesome work too, I mean they help a lot of people who need their help, and soon it is all these holiday's as Christmas and New Years eve ahead. And not to forget the Covid pandemic again. Today I have done a lot more than I expected to manage in this day!, so I should be proud!

As I said before, this page will be a public blog to support my business as an independent Herbalife distributor and for my network in general, but I also want to emphasize that I have a wonderful family, a wonderful son, my dear girlfriend, parents, brothers and sisters, and friends who are not always physically in my presence on this journey as I always want to lend a helping hand too, support, and also, get support from whenever possible. Our highest purpose here on earth is to exist for each other whenever we need someone by our side. Peace and love on this day be with you guys, thank you for being there!

Later, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we will try to make the most of this tool for communication, information, wisdom and knowledge to the most optimal for our common success in life, whatever challenges we face, all about our dreams and goals, whatever vital signs, what delight we know to be our passion in everydays. I will keep this blog honest and true to the memories we remember, the future strategies that we can share with eachothers without getting lost ourselves. I wish you all warm welcome here as often as possible and I wish you good fortunes of the findings we have find to value here most!

Christmas day 2020-12-25

Hi! Today is Christmas Day and we are nearing the end of 2020, the year when no one was allowed to go to work unless you "smelled alcohol and were negative." Soon a new and interesting year (2021) begins with new challenges and genuinely designed plans to realize, it will be a delightful year to say the least to look forward to, I hope. Anyway, before the new year approaches and the Christmas celebration slows down to a new celebration, it can be safe and secure to know that everything you do is in harmony with the surrounding world and all the worldly, it is so for you all? Lovely!

Personally, I am affirming wealth with the fact that I actually do not have much controversy and that most of the year after all has gone well! in addition, I can find a strong sense of strength in all the amount Merry Christmas greetings that have arrived, so I send a heartfelt greeting and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

Later, I know that some of you out there are in the starting phase with new business start-up and certainly do not possess unlimited capital to realize all the desires for the coming months. This is my friends that we are here to help with, even though I could lend you money, my task is to teach you the concept that I myself already apply for my business and capital funding, and are you interested in working with the wellness industry, this is really the business concept for you!

With a long and solid experience as a supervisor and coordinator in regional development, today I have very good conditions to lead company establishments step by step to achieve defined results together with you. I suppose some of you but not everyone here turned to the Harvard Business School or Yale University for all this profound knowledge. Therefore, I am also always available at short notice to answer questions and concerns on WhatsApp +46 (0) 705474835

So now let's enjoy the weekends ahead of us and then give ourselves a promise to take a new step in the work of change we have begun.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

Roger K. Olsson

Upgraded Health and Safety

We have consistently had a comprehensive HEALTH & SAFETY program, and this solid establishment permits us to adjust rapidly to developing guidance from the World Health Organization and our local health officials. We will keep on observing their rules and change our measures, with more prominent perceivability to you, our visitors, colleagues, clients, partners and customers.

These include:


• All of our team are required to complete specific COVID 19 Training and re-certification of health and safety protocols prior to returning to work so they can execute their roles with confidence.


• We are appointing a new COVID-19 dedicated Health & Safety Coordinator in each AREA who will take full responsibility for implementing our enhanced health and safety programmes and report directly to each General Manager or Managing Director.


Physical Distancing

We have developed tools to enhance our experience without social contact, with physical distancing guidelines.


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Imagine Dragons - Thunder (Lyrics) is a lovely piece too.., however, I find it to make it public some other time! Good luck!